Untitled Free Writing

The world turns upside down and topsy turvy motions that make life seem much too much. 

And you glide through the darkness on your knees – not knowing when will be the last time – or if there ever will be a “last time”

Marking skins with memories and wishing ocean breezes left sound waves in your hair

The Purple Lotus Flower – Tattoos and New Beginnings

Among all the lotus flowers the purple lotus flower is considered one of the most beautiful and very sacred. The purple lotus flower is so special because it is rare and distinctive. The unique purple lotus flower is found in many parts of India. The reason for the purple lotus being a scared flower is its condition of growth.

The lotus flower represents all that man desires to achieve; it is the metaphysical representation of the heights of human consciousness. The purple lotus flower germinates at the bottom of a muddy, filthy pond and is surrounded by muck. However with time the lotus blossoms and raises its beautiful pure head above all the filth. The lotus blooms as a beautiful flower away from the dirt turning its face towards the light. This is the spiritual height at which all of mankind wants to reach. To live within this real world, yet remain detached from all its evils is what a human being strives to achieve.

In India the Hindu Goddess of wealth Laxmi is seated on a sacred purple lotus flower. In some esoteric sects the eight petals of the lotus represent the noble eight fold path. The purple lotus flower is known as the mystic lotus. Apart from its spiritual connotations, the lotus bed and stems are used as edible items in many cultures. All these religious and spiritual symbolisms make it a popular design for tattoos. The purple lotus flower has a beautiful mild fragrance; all this in combination make the purple lotus flower spectacular.